HG-FB-S526A 2+3pin Self-locking Battery Connector

The self-locking battery connector including 2 power pins and 3 signal pins,
Meeting the charging and discharging connection requirements of the battery,
With its rated current 25A ,IP67 protection level and the rotating self-locking structure,
the rotating cover needs to be rotated when unlocking.



Electrical Characteristics
Rated Voltage: 60V AC/DC
Rated Current: Current 25A Signal Wire 2A
Withstanding Voltage: 700V
Insulation Resistance: ≥20MΩ
Initial Contact Resistance: ≤10mΩ
Wire Specification
Maximum Diameter: 26.0mm
Mating Length: 45.5mm
Contact Material: Copper alloy plated with tin
Cable Spec.: OD:6.1mm,2×2.0mm2+3×0.2mm2-PVC
Environment Characteristic
Protection Level: lP67
Operation Temperature: -25℃~+80
Mechanical Characteristics
Mating Cycles: 200 Times
Mating Type: Self-locking
Mating and Unmating Force: Mating Force 80N Max

The HG-FB-S526A connector is a self-locking battery connector with a rated voltage of 60V and a current capacity of 25A for high current and 2A for signal wire. It features a self-locking mating type, ensuring secure connections. With a maximum diameter of 26.0mm and a mating length of 45.5mm, it provides reliable electrical contact while accommodating various space constraints. The connector’s IP67 protection level makes it suitable for use in harsh environments, offering resistance to dust and water ingress. However, it has a relatively lower mating cycle durability of 200 times compared to other connectors, so it may be more suitable for applications with fewer mating cycles.


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