HG-FB-Z850B 2+6pin Battery Connector

The 2+6pin battery connector,is suitable for quickly battery-change connection scenarios.
It is equipped with a pull handle in male connector for easy and quick unplug.
The rated current is 30A.



Electrical Characteristics
Rated Voltage: 60V AC/DC
Rated Current: Current 30A Signal Wire 2A
Withstanding Voltage: 700V
Insulation Resistance: ≥20MΩ
Initial Contact Resistance: ≤10mΩ
Wire Specification
Maximum Diameter: 50.0mm
Mating Length: 47.0mm
Contact Material: Copper Alloy Nickel Plating
Cable Spec.: OD:10.0mm,2×4.0mm2+6×0.2mm2-PVC
Environment Characteristic
Harmful Substance: ROHS2.0
Operation Temperature: -25℃~+80
Mechanical Characteristics
Mating Cycles: 200 Times
Mating Type: Push on
Mating and Unmating Force: Mating Force 80N Max / Unmating Force 30N Min

The HG-FB-Z850B 2+6pin Battery Connector is designed to provide a reliable electrical connection for applications requiring a rated voltage of 60V and a current capacity of 30A. With a copper alloy contact material plated with nickel, it offers excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. The connector features a push-on mating type and can withstand mating and unmating forces of up to 80N and 30N, respectively. Its insulation resistance of ≥20MΩ ensures electrical safety, while the ROHS2.0 compliance indicates that it is free from harmful substances. However, its relatively low mating cycles of 200 times may limit its suitability for high-cycle applications.


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